A Level Maths

In the U.K students normally sit 6 exam papers for the modular A level maths examination from one of the following exam boards:

  • The AQA Examination Board
  • Edexcel Examination Board
  • OCR Examination Board

Your school or college will nominate the board they have chosen for you.

If your average mark across all six modules is more than 90% — you will get the top grade A* in A level maths.



To achieve this grade — you need to regularly practice solving problems from the standard texts that accompany each module, plus attempt several past exam papers for each module under timed conditions.

There are also good revision guides that you can buy that will help you to revise  and test key skills by offering exam style questions.

Getting the top grade in A level maths is not difficult provided you practice solving problems from your text books, past exam papers and revision guides on a regular basis, till you can do them within timed conditions.

We suggest you read Top Grade: GCSE Maths to understand how to apply S.M.A.R.T for your study and revision.

Whilst grade boundaries differ from one year to the next — you need to average more than 95% on the last 3-5 years exam papers to be pretty sure that you will achieve that top grade!

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Useful Information: You can order past A level maths exam papers from the sources below. Please ensure you choose the right exam board.

Edexcel Examination Board: Tele. (01623) 467467

AQA Examination Board: Tele. (01483) 477752

OCR Examination Board: Tele. (08707) 706622

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