How to Excel in Exams

It has been said that

‘Genius is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration‘.

What exactly does this mean?

Well…one thing it doesn’t suggest is that a poor attitude and excellence go hand in hand!

Basically, even the best, what you see as genius, is the result of lots and lots of sweat, blood and tears.

In other words, there is no gain without pain!

Make the effort — get the result. No effort and you are going nowhere.



Excellence is basically an attitude — in the standards you have set for yourself. To get that top mark, that 100%, you are prepared to put in 110% i.e. do your best.

Often when you see something special, whether in sport, on tele or anywhere else, what you are really seeing is the end result of years and years of effort, of practice — until what you see has become second nature — instinct to the performer.

So if you want to rise to the top and make history — throw off the gloves and start working.

O.K. you may lose a few friends along the way. So what?

You are the one making history!

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