Success in Examinations

Success in examinations needs thorough planning and organization, good timetabling and lots and lots of effort and hard work.

Success in exams does not come easily; otherwise you would be see lots of students getting top grades.



The real idea of measuring exam success is how good you are in relation to others, and not how good you are on the day. The underlying idea here is a little subtle.

What it is telling us is that even on your worst possible day, whatever the questions on the exam paper or however you feel, your worst performance must still be good enough to get that top grade.

Clearly this can only happen if you have revised properly and are top grade standard in your given subject.

Note here the similarities between performance in exams and how champions win tournaments.

It has always been a truism that champions can only win regularly if their worst is still better than the best of their opposition. In other words they have to learn to win whatever the circumstances.

Of course all the effort is worth it!

If you do well in exams, you can expect to be awarded a place at a quality university, followed by a top earning career.

Clearly, the right time for working towards exam success should be when you are still at school or college, have the time and energy needed to burn those midnight candles, and are not burdened by other responsibilities.

We suggest you start thinking, you start planning by asking the right questions, doing what’s necessary to get those top grades.

Exams matter. Results matter.

Don’t leave it too late!


I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everyone.”

Bill Cosby


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